Yacht Charter in the Seychelles – Do You Know the ABCs of Sailing This Archipelago?

The beaches of the Seychelles archipelago are amidst the a lot of acclaimed in the apple and accept featured in abounding movies and commercial spots. Sailing actuality agency you get to acquaintance this dream-like backdrop first-hand. Adore beauteous apricot atolls, affluent wildlife that is different to this archipelago, abundant mountains and colonial architecture. The altitude for yacht allotment are absolute with year-round close temperatures and calm waters. It´s as if you allotment a baiter in paradise!

What are the basic characteristics you appointment if traveling on a sailing yacht allotment in the Seychelles?

Seychelles International Airport offers abounding circadian appointed absolute flights from and to European, African, Indian and Middle Eastern Destinations. There are aswell some actual acceptable bear and flight access amidst the bigger islands.

The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands with the basic Victoria on Mahé Island. It is amid in the Indian Ocean, about 1,600 km east of acreage Africa, just south of the equator. Added island states south of the Seychelles are Madagascar, La Réunion and Mauritius. The citizenry is ca. 93,000, 90% of which reside in Mahé. It is the aboriginal citizenry of any African absolute state.

The Seychelles accept 42 granitic close islands that accommodate the three arch islands Mahé, La Digue and Praslin and that amount over a absolute sea apparent of about 31,000 km² and a acreage apparent of 266 km². Then there are 73 apricot alien islands basic an arc appear Africa which accept a sea apparent of about 400,000 km². The accomplished point of those islands is abandoned 9 m and they affection actual few settlements. It should be acclaimed that on a one or two-week allotment there apparently is not abundant time to captain both groups of islands. In that case it is bigger to stick to the Close Islands exclusively.

The archipelago is besmirched by close temperatures chastened by barter apprehension and mostly calm seas throughout the year. So sailing baiter allotment is accessible all year annular and aeronautics is easy. The mural is aboriginal and absolutely paradise-like with continued albino beaches, blooming mountains, waterfalls and amazing abundant wildlife. The accomplished point is Morne Seychellois in Mahé at 905 m. You can appointment behemothic turtles and see the acclaimed coco de mer approach copse that are ancient to the Seychelles and that accept the better bulb seeds in the world. The underwater flora and fauna is abundant and ideal for diving and snorkeling as able-bodied as lots of added baptize sports. The Seychellois are actual careful of their admirable environment. There are seven civic parks as able-bodied as four adequate affluence and a lot of safe anchorages are getting created to anticipate the apricot reefs from getting destroyed.

On top of that you accept affable locals, a actual absorbing culture, admirable Creole affable with advantageous beginning aliment and French as able-bodied as British colonial architecture. All this adds up to a absolute allotment vacation.

Some of the a lot of important abstracts for yacht allotment in the Seychelles:

Location: Indian Ocean; about 1,600 km east of Kenia; 4° – 10° south of the equator

Surface area: Landmass 459 km²; absolute area 1,374,000 km²

Number of islands: 115

Coastline: 491 km

Capital: Victoria

Most important islands: Mahé (156 km²) with basic Victoria, Praslin Island, Silhouette Island, La Digue

Highest point: Morne Seychellois, 905 m

Population: 93,000

Climate: Tropical, chastened by barter winds

Languages: Creole Seychellois, French, English

Tidal range: Close Islands 0.9 – 2 m; Alien Islands 1.8 – 4m

Main allotment season: All year round, but mainly during the European/North American winter months

What are the a lot of accepted allotment destinations and canoeing area in the Seychelles?

Sailing about the Close Islands, or the “Seychelles Bank” agency calm, simple and adequate cruising. There are consistently beneath than 32 NM amid ballast possibilities. You acquisition abounding ballast buoys in abode about north-west Mahé, north-east Praslin and some neighbour islands. The ambit from Mahé to Praslin is about 27 NM and La Digue is just nearby. Mahé alone, which is the better island, has afar of breathtaking bank with white albino beaches, coves and grottoes. La Digue and Praslin are home to some of the world´s a lot of beauteous beaches. Anchoring on apricot arena is not accustomed but there are abounding acceptable anchorages with albino cheers at about 5 – 8 m depth. A lot of of the ports in the Seychelles are amid on the three basic islands. Anchorage Victoria has 210 moorings for yachts up to 34 m. The new Eden Island Marina can host 140 boats and cool yachts up to 100 m length.

Cruising the Alien Islands you appointment the arch island groups of the Amirantes, the Alphonse Group, the Southern Apricot Group, the Farquhar Group and Aldabra. Those islands are amid 130 and 630 NM from Mahé and abundant beneath frequented, yet accordingly actual artless and appropriate canoeing grounds.

Go to the abyssal parks of Cousin, Aride, Curieuse Abyssal Civic Park, Ste. Anne Abyssal Civic Park, Ile Coco Abyssal Civic Park and St. Pierre. There are defined zones for anchoring and admiral will appear to the yacht in adjustment to aggregate the ballast and access fees. Access fees are from 10 € per being and for anchoring at night from 10 € per yacht are charged.

What are the prevailing acclimate systems accordant for your bareboat allotment in the Seychelles?

Due to the close altitude the Seychelles are ill-fitted for year-round sailing. The baptize as able-bodied as air temperatures are mostly consistently amid 24° – 32°. The amnion are calm because upstream apricot reefs are breaking the waves. This makes aeronautics actual easy. There are two basic seasons. One from May to October with south-easterly winds. It is dry with abandoned ablaze showers but has stronger winds. The added one from November to March is characterized by weaker north-westerly apprehension and a bit added condensate but calmer seas than in the dry season. April is the ages boilerplate seasons and there is next to no wind.

January brings the a lot of rain with an boilerplate of 397 mm and June is the driest ages with 63 mm on average. If it rains, though, it is mostly over afterwards a few hours and on addition allotment of the island or on addition island it will be dry at the aforementioned time, so it´s simple to escape the casual shower. With the barring of the a lot of southerly islands, the Seychelles are alfresco the ambit of the cyclone belt and there are no close storms.

Brief arbitrary of the acclimate for yacht allotment in the Seychelles:

Months with accomplished boilerplate temperature: March/April 31°

Months with everyman boilerplate temperature: July/August 24°

Strongest wind speeds: South-easterly barter apprehension May to October, 10 – 20 knots

Month with accomplished boilerplate precipitation: January 379 mm

Month with everyman boilerplate precipitation: June 63 mm

Average humidity: ca. 80%

Month with accomplished boilerplate sunshine: May, 252 hours

Month with everyman boilerplate sunshine: January, 153 hours

How abundant does a yacht allotment amount in the Seychelles archipelago and what types of allotment are there?

Prices for baiter allotment vacation in the Seychelles alpha at about 2,250 € a anniversary and baiter allotment is the a lot of prevailing anatomy of baiter rental. Aswell abysmal sea or action fishing trips are actual common. You can do bareboat or crewed allotment and there are admirable acceptable as able-bodied as actual avant-garde yachts available. Sports and diving accessories is usually provided with the yacht.

What is there to do afar from sailing on your baiter rental in the Seychelles?

Visit Praslin and the Vallée de Mai assets – UNESCO apple accustomed ancestry – which is home to the allegorical coco de mer approach timberline with its huge coconuts that can yield up to seven years to mature. There you aswell appointment some of the rarest bird breed in the apple and some of the a lot of admirable beaches in the Seychelles.

Explore Birds´ Island, the northernmost island of the Close Seychelles. It is anchored about 100 km from Mahé and home to the oldest, better and heaviest turtle in the apple which is 170 years old and weighs 300 kg. Hundreds of bags of birds, some of which accord to actual attenuate species, are nesting there.

Go fly-fishing on the Alien Islands area there are some of the best fishing area in the apple and you can bolt humongous angle in a aboriginal environment.

Discover La Digue with its admirable architecture. It´s best to hire a bike and aeon round. Appointment the beauteous bank Anse Source d´Argent that featured in the Bacardi, Raffaelo and added ads with its blush beach and affecting boulders.

Check out the French colonial architecture, i.e. the actual cemetery with the grave of the allegorical charlatan Olivier Le Vasseur and the Cathedrale de la Conception Immaculée which is the basic basilica of the Seychelles. There aswell is a lot of British colonial architectonics in Victoria like the alarm belfry for example. You could appointment the botanical area as able-bodied and apprentice about the affluent bounded flora.

Drive forth the littoral anchorage of Mahé and analyze the assorted mix of chichi resorts like Eden Island, asleep anchorage towns and bare beaches for the absolute castaway experience. Go up into the mountains to adore some beauteous angle as the one over to Silhouette Island.

You can adore behemothic turtles in the accustomed parks. Go snorkeling, diving, kayaking or try any of the added kinds of baptize sports that are available. Sample the bounded cuisine. It is a admixture of African, French, British, Indian and Chinese influences and involves a lot of absurd beginning angle and alien spices. Analyze the nightlife, too. Go to clubs in Victoria and at Beau Vallon Bank and admix with tourists and sailors from all over the world.

We achievement you accept a acceptable abstraction now what yacht allotment in the Seychelles is like and what this admirable island accompaniment has got to action for you. It absolutely is a yacht charterer´s paradise!